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Random Assault 281: Dick Sponge

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This week on the Random Assault Podcast, Mitch and Matt gush about Mario Odyssey, with plenty of spoilers flying about, so be warned! Kate travels to the Department of Heaven in order to witness the Promised Land, and Matt and Mitch think things have gotten pretty strange. (No spoilers for that, though, don't worry.) Finally, we get into a lengthy discussion about dick physics. Because honestly, what are you expecting from us anymore?

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RA View #5 The Warioware Series

By our fine host, Tony Johnson.

My Thoughts on the "World Ends With You" Teaser

Monday was a joyous day. I log into Tumblr only to see that everyone’s losing their shit about the picture below (or ones really similar to it). It took a bit, but I soon recognized that this has everything to do with my personal all-time favorite game, The World Ends With You, which was released for the Nintendo DS waaay back in April of 2008. It’s my favorite game because it’s one of the most addicting, different, stylish RPGs I’ve ever played. And it’s got a cult following, at best. Not a lot of people have heard of it.

Cut to last year when they reveal the characters from the game would be making cameo appearances in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, a decision which would eventually push me into buying a 3DS and selling my old DS lite (selling games and systems is something I rarely ever do). The cameos were cool and their purpose was more or less just to be the characters you interacted with in Traverse Town, the game’s first world. The fact that that’s normally a privilege reserved for Final Fantasy characters meant that good things had to be in store for the Reaper’s Game gang, right?

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