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The POW Block Episode 1

The POW Block Episode 1 is finally here. This time we talk about what we are playing (Fable 2, Dead Space, and Far Cry 2) and introduce a new segment called Alex's Sack.

Download Here

The song is “Press Start to Play” by DJ Redlight, and you can find it on his website www.djredlight.com

The POW Block Episode One - The test cast

This is our test episode that was recorded in Eric's bedroom. If you found this, congratulations, but this isn't good.


Download here.

Stardust Review

     Another day, another fantasy movie that is safe for the whole family and centered around true love. Stardust is yet another one of these movies. It does not try anything special. It does not redefine the genre. It does not present a deep underlying meaning or complex narrative. For lack of a better term Stardust just does not seem to have a soul, this is disastrous in any other movie, but Stardust makes up for it through its heart. Stardust is another tale of a young man venturing out for his true love, yet there is some indescribable aspect about it that separates it from the pack.

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