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Random Assault 288: The Hits Keep Coming

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This week on the Random Assault Podcast, Kate's computer is out of commission, so it's up to Matt and Mitch to entertain everyone, and they're being sad-sacks. The end of 2017 has turned into a grueling gauntlet of seasonal depression and general malaise, but they find time to talk about Star Wars: The Feminist Agenda, what to do if the save-game timer on your game doesn't work, and what a good year it was for Nintendo's little hybrid that could. And then, they decided to end the show early, but the aftershow ended up just becoming the third segment anyway. So, now you get to see what you're missing out on.

Matt plays a game that involves thicc robots. And no, it isn't Xenoblade Chronicles 2!

Just a bunch of black guys putting on a show!

The aftershow turned into the actual third segment, so here's this random image from my hard drive. MovieBob holding up a sign that says "PISS". You're welcome.

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