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Random Assault 128: Help

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This week on Random Assault, Mela Firefly joins us to talk about how she wants to eat everything in Zoobooks, about Sailor Moon Crystal, and a LOT of talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Like... A LOT.

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Lonely Gods Episode 57: The Green Death

In the mythical land of Wales, there's an eeeeeevil mulitnational chemical conglomerate pumping green toxic-ass waste into a coal mine, killing anyone who comes into contact with it. Well, except a bunch of maggots have mutated into giant monsters, so there's that.

Join us this week as we discuss the tenth season finale - Jo Grant's final adventure. We'll miss you, kid.


Random Assault 127: The Wolf Among Us of Wall Street

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This week on Random Assault, we are joined by Trevor Stricker of Disco Pixel (creators of Jungle Rumble), and formerly of Smilebit and Visual Concepts! We go over Trevor's history in the games industry, the trials and tribulations that he went through to get there, and the games he's working on now! We also talk about The Wolf Among Us, and mention how you could possibly get a Random Assault Episode 100 banner poster!

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Random Assault 126: Passable Children

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This week on Random Assault, the hosts rally against humanity and try to make everything offensive. Then, Alex talks about trying the new Smash Bros and we all debate E3.

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Random Assault 125: Flip-Floppin' Flabslapper

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This week on Random Assault, we're joined by listener Valentin to talk about Nintendo games, hatred, and our sense of humor! Matt almost buys a Wii U, showing his true colors to us finally, and Mitch played the Tomodachi Life demo. Turns out it's pretty silly!

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Lonely Gods Episode 56: Planet of the Daleks


 As you can see from the banner, Jon Pertwee has begun to look like a grandmother. Following on from the cliffhanger at the end of Frontier in Space comes a story that doesn't really have anything to do with it. The Daleks are amassing a vast army on a jungle planet inhabited by insivible creatures. If that sounds familiar, that's because it's a straight copy from The Daleks' Master Plan in Season 3.

 The Doctor, Jo, and a team of Thal commandos must put a stop to this recylced nonsense before the Dalek army awakens and does bad things.


Random Assault 124: The LEGO Episode

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This week on Random Assault, it's a celebration of all things LEGO as Matt, Mitch, Alex, Kate, and Jayson dissect the fantastic The LEGO Movie (WARNING: SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE IN THIS EPISODE), reminisce about old LEGO mania memories, and talk WAY too much about Bionicle. Take this dive back into childhood with the Random Assault hosts!

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Lonely Gods Episode 55: Frontier in Space

In the 23rd Century, the Human and Draconian Empires have forged a peace treaty after years of strife between the two powers. The Doctor and Jo arrive on a human cargo ship, just as it's attacked by Orgrons posing as Draconians on the Master's orders. The Doctor is accused of collaborating and is sentenced to moon-prison, while tensions erupt between the races.

 The Master is trying to provoke an interstellar war, but even he might just be a pawn in a bigger game.

 Join us for Roger Delgado's final appearance as The Master

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Random Assault 123: Catfood the Podcast

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Wow. Umm... it's not that this episode is bad, we don't run out of steam until the 3rd smegment, but I just can't remember what we talked about on this one. Like, the entire episode was just purged from my memory immediately after we finished recording. It's called "catfood" because we talk about a bunch of stuff we'd already gone over, and if you don't know why we call that catfood, go read the wiki. But yeah, this is one off-kilter episode.

As always, click the above logo to head to our Facebook page where you can chat us hosts up and maybe even land a guest spot on the show!

Lonely Gods Episode 54: Carnival of Monsters


 Having finally regained control of the TARDIS, the Doctor decides to show off and take Jo to Metebelus 3. As usual, the TARDIS is a strong black woman that goes where it wants, and the Doctor and Jo find themselves aboard the SS Bernice, bound for India in 1926. Only, the crew seems to be caught in a timeloop and there's a plesiosaur lurking in these waters....

 Meanwhile, two irritating circus clowns have arrived on a planet of humorless grey-skinned weirdos, requesting permission to perform on a planet where fun is a foreign word.

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