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Random Assault 149: Talking Simulator

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This week on Random Assault, Nick Robalik of Sombrero fame is here with us to talk ethics, game design, and which foods are likely to kill you. Speaking of foods, Mitch talks about eating bald eagles and how he's responsible for bringing a child into this earth (and it's not in the way you're thinking.) Also, a guy who was on fire ordered water from a Taco Bell. Because. This one's packed to the gills with content, so enjoy!

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We talk about gamergate! Picture related.

Mitch buys a PS4, which evidently causes Matt's life to crumble.

We also discuss the indie scene on consoles. Believe it or not, this game is actually about nothing but fat goth girls!

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Random Assault 148: Huge Effing Sellouts

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This week on Random Assault, we're joined by a flurry of guests! Kori sits in with Mitch again, and the long-awaited appearance of RA superfans TURbo and Chris Ott! The guys jerk each other off with quotes and exerpts from the RA Wiki, (lovingly run by TURbo), then they argue about Sonic games and we get the final chapter of The Saga of Flabslapper. Oh, and two contests are announced! Be sure to listen til the third segment to find out how to win Steamalot: Epoch's Journey, and FLCL on DVD!

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Lonely Gods Episode 69: Revenge of the Cybermen


Appropriately enough for episode 69, we've got a story that really sucks dick. In their first appearance since Season 6, the Cybermen are back and apparently are allergic to gold now for some reason. So they're trying to blow up a planet made of gold so they can invade earth or......yeah. It's dumb.

 Buckle up for a shitty finale to a great season.


Random Assault 147: Mayonnaise Pickle Surprise

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This week on Random Assault, we are joined by sound designer and part-time voice actor Sean Weiland. Ever wonder what the sound of vomitting through a glass coffe table actually SOUNDS like? Well, we hit Sean with the real questions at hand like that and many more as he takes us through an audible tour around his game Steam-A-Lot: Epoch's Journey which you can find on Steam GreenLight. He also talks about his voice acting work on Young Avengers Live in which he voices Speedball. There's a lot of content here. It's one of our longest regular episodes for a reason.



If you can send in a sound effect of your own that will make the hosts say "what the fuck am I listening to" you could win your very own download of Steam-A-Lot: Epoch's Journey. Have fun with it and make us proud/sick.


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Lonely Gods Episode 68: Genesis of the Daleks

The Doctor and his companions find themselves in an irradiated wasteland on the war-torn planet Skaro. The two races who inhabit the planet have been at war for centuries with no end in sight. But a brilliant scientist known as Davros has one last card up his sleeve - The Dalek Project.

 The Time Lords have ordered the Doctor to prevent the creation of the Daleks by any means necessary.

 Strap your buttholes in for the most popular Classic Who story of all  time.


Random Assault 146: Bacon Thief

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This week on Random Assault, we cross the barriers of time and space to bring you TWO special guests! Glass Knuckle Games stops by to talk about the awesome party-murder-game, Thief Town! Then Neal Laurenza from Skymap Games drops by to talk about the wonderfully cartoony Bacon-Man! Then Mitch talks too much about Bayonetta 2 and Alex talks too much about The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, so buckle up for that.

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Random Assault 145: Filler Up

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This week on Random Assault, two of our star players (Matt and Mitch) are absent, so we sub in guests WillyFresh and David Reinhardt to help us win the pennant or something. Hole in one. Off sides. Sports! Disclaimer: sports are probably not mentioned at all in this week's podcast. Probably. This probably sounds really suspicious now. I should probably stop using the word "probably". The word "probably" probably sounds weird now that you've heard it a bunch of times in a row, doesn't it?

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RA-View: Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (3DS)

A few years ago, an unprecidented collaboration was announced, where Level 5 and Capcom would take two of the DS's biggest titans and put them in their own crossover game. After waiting for those agonizing years, Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright was finally localized for a North American release, and the resulting story is spectacular, despite a few flaws that will be familiar to fans of either series.

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Random Assault 144: Trigger Warning

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This week on Random Assault, we buckle down and tackle the important issues of the day. I hope you're not tired of GamerGate yet, because it absolutely dominates this entire show. One Minor Assault episode was not enough to confine this controversial giant of a topic! Grease up your non-gender-specific poopers.

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Lonely Gods Episode 67: The Sontaran Experiment

The Doctor and his companions beam down to Earth from the Nerva space station. They soon discover that the Earth isn't uninhabited after all - a scientific expedition has found themselves stranded there. They're not the only residents, either; a Sontaran agent has landed to discover humanity's weaknesses as a prelude to full scale war.

Except, it's only a two part story, and therefore doesn't have time for that.